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The Well-Balanced Pianist

The Well-Balanced Pianist is my dream program. I came up with it during a reflective, and probably sleep-deprived, early morning flight home from teaching in St. Paul, Minnesota in early 2003.

On the flight I reflected on the contrast between what pianists need to reach their fullest potential, and what kind of training we're given in standard conservatory and college degree programs.

I felt that the training we needed would be covered in five elements:
  • subtle musicianship
  • healthy piano technique
  • healthy body movement
  • healthy mindset
  • reaching our students

In order to become a competent teacher and stable performer, I had had to search on my own for training in most of these areas—even though I was the proud owner of undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees from major programs.

Indeed, my search had been so rich that I had the resources to create the program myself! I couldn't teach bodywork, but I knew wonderful professionals. I worked with an expert in the Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Method. I knew where to find mindset readings. And in my copious degrees I had received training with wonderful artists.

The Balanced Pianist (it became Well-Balanced later) came to life later that summer: a camp at my house! Since then, the core curriculum hasn't changed, but the program has expanded to take place in Long Island, Chicago, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. The inimitable Susan Nowicki has joined me in teaching clinics and private lessons, and excellent bodywork instructors have worked with us too. Aston-Patterning specialist Judy Huston, Feldenkrais instructor Gil Kelly, Alexander teacher Ariel Weiss, and Yoga instructor Carol Eugenia Burns have all helped our students. And Dr. Sarah E. Church has continued to contribute her knowledge of how students learn best.

If you want to learn more or join us on the adventure, please visit The Well-Balanced Pianist website for more detailed information about programs, curriculum, schedules, healthy movement, and more!

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