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You can see from the length of this page that I have been slow to jump on the video bandwagon. The first three come from a concert that took place at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Lakewood, Colorado on February 8, 2009. My other solo music was either incompletely recorded (Beethoven op. 78), or isn't in the public domain (Messiaen Catalogue d'Oiseaux, vol. 5).

But I promise I'll work on getting some more videos up. I even have loads of lessons on video that I have permission to publish online. If you give me an extra month while the rest of the world stands still, I'll have it done.

The last clip is from a party at The Well-Balanced Pianist CO 2009. We had a great time playing this silly piece.

I mean, playing this masterpiece.

Note: if you want to view these videos on full screen, please visit the WBP channel on YouTube.

Director Teresa Dybvig played Debussy's "Clair de lune."

Susan Nowicki (primo) and I (secondo) opened the concert with Johannes Brahms' Hungarian Dance no. 8 in a minor.

For encore we played Sergei Rachmaninoff's "Italian Polka." (Yes, between the composer and the title, the piece covers three countries!)

Finally, closing night fun at The Well-Balanced Pianist Colorado 2009 with Albert Lavignac's masterpiece, "Galop-Marche," for eight hands at one piano. From Primo to Basso, performers are Susan Nowicki, Gulchin Tarabus, John Wickelgren, and me.

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