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Taubman Approach

  • There are quite a few places to get Taubman training. As director of The Well-Balanced Pianist I am (unsurprisingly) most comfortable recommending The Well-Balanced Pianist. I feel that the integrated approach puts technique in its proper perspective, at the service of the music. I also know that it's easier to improve your piano technique with a healthy mindset in practice and performance, and with the kind of healthy posture you get from excellent bodywork.

    There are other options as well. These include The Taubman Seminars run by The Taubman Institute, Sheila Paige's Piano Wellness Seminar, the Golandsky Institute, and Tom Marks' Piano Map workshops. If one place doesn't give you what you need, try another. While you search, pay attention to your body, and to how empowered you feel from your lessons. A good Taubman teacher should help you take a practical route to playing that feels better and sounds better, and your lessons should make you feel knowledgeable and capable.
  • Read discussions on piano technique that took place on The Well-Balanced Pianist Forum.

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